Hi Kristell, I was sent your email address by my sister Victoria Woollard. I wrote to my local MP Tessa Jowell recently regarding Rafah Nached, and have just received an email back from her with a letter attached from the British Foreign office. I would like to share it with LQ to show support for Rafah in the UK so have written the following:

A Response from the British Government

Jeanine Woollard, visual artist and analysand, London, UK.

“On hearing about the detainment of Rafah Nached, I responded to the appeal for help from members of the London Society and wrote to Tessa Jowell, my local Member of Parliament and Shadow Minister for London, to see of there was anything the British Government could do to intervene. I have just received an email from Tessa, and with it an attached document from the Alistair Burt, Minister responsible for relations with the Middle East at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. According to British officials in Damascus, they have no specific information on her case, however it was noted that “they have heard that Mrs Carla Bruni-Sarkozy has taken an interest.” The letter goes on to say that the embassy is following events in Syria closely, but their capacity to intervene for non-British nationals is limited. However, there is a little note, written by hand, at the end of the letter to say  “we will keep an eye on this to see if there is anything we can do”

Best wishes


London, UK.

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