A magnificent nation on the world Atlas, the people of Pakistan celebrate the 64th daylight of their freedom from the alien domination on August the 14th, of-course with a renewed pledge to take the fascinating and sanctified soils of Pakistan to the zeniths of still more progress and prosperity with the ambiance of peace, all-over.

The day is idolized every year by bowing before Allah Almighty, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful, who blessed the Muslims of South Asia with a unique gift, filled with fragrance and bouquet to breath in environs of freedom, absolutely free from any coercion or ascendancy of a Martian character.

While paying rich tributes to the marvellous cerebral of the 20th century epoch, the great leader of the Muslims, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah who got translated a dream into a reality within a short span of few years, every son and daughter of the soil irrespective of age, gender, caste, colour, creed or credo vow in a crystal-clear style that each one of them shall do the best to shield, like a hard-rock, the sovereignty, integrity and affluence of the dazzling realm of Pakistan by offering any sacrifice, whatever its magnitude may be.

Simultaneously, the people of Pakistan pay their homage to the faithful, who embraced martyrdom at the hands of fanatics during the process of migration to Pakistan.

While rejoicing the fruits of liberty as a pragmatic view, we are ought to reiterate the pledge to clutch the lofty scales of unity, faith and discipline, a magnificent icon of trust which was zestfully beamed to us by the Father of the Nation in the pre-dawn hours, over six decades ago.

Needless to elucidate, every realistic and patriotic soul is fully awake with angst of the posture, of the past government (s) versus the opposition and vice versa.

Keeping in view the unpleasant impact, specifically to the national economy, which has made the life of the common man miserable by becoming target of price-hike, scarcity of edibles, lack of jobs with a lot of other perils, one hopes that the people in power shall ensure that the masses are benefited by the trust they had reposed in the egalitarians – to live-on in a trouble-free environment.

At the same time, it is an apposite time to evaluate the candid raison d’être which shaped a podium of our freedom from the British Empire.

It’s all the more necessary due to fluctuating mindset of our neighbour India. It is apparent from the veracity that on the one hand, New Delhi portrays its delight for the exchange of delegations, yet at the same time eschews with one ploy or the other, the rational approach of amity and harmony via the process of meaningful dialogue to solve all the issues with Kashmir dispute atop, which have been the root cause of irritants in ties between the two nuke-neighbours.

We zealously hope that the nation shall not be disillusioned by its elected representatives in any way, who have all intellects to take-on all types of responsibilities for the eventual good of the nation. And would opt for a concord at this point in time, instead of depicting idols of skirmishes in any cute and crafty style—mode or manner.

Every one knows that we have to go only for the superb and splendid Ideology of Pakistan, come-what-may, as this is the only spring and helix of inspiration and strength for all who deem precious pretty Pakistan as a sparkling abode.

Finally, we have to keep in mind the plight of our brethren in India held-Kashmir, who are heroically engaged in an unprecedented resist to seek their bona fide right of self-determination.

We salute the unique courage of the people and re-assure that the heartbeat of each and every Pakistani synchronizes with their Kashmiri brethren. Hence, the moral, political and diplomatic support for the Kashmir cause shall continue till they get their birth right – in line with the UN resolutions on Kashmir – which were adopted by the world body with one voice.

People of Pakistan feel all sure that the next Day of Independence shall be celebrated hands-in-hands and shoulder-to-shoulder with the resolute people of the Himalayan State – known with a symbolic tribute – as the gallant Kashmiris – the world-over.

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