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From LQ 92 – 17.11.11. – translated by Yannis Grammatopoulos, Hélène Molari, Dimitris Alexakis

Lacan’s teaching

Chronicle of a hold-up


As long as only Elisabeth Roudinesco was concerned, we didn’t take her seriously. We decided it wasn’t worth wasting our time to respond to her. It was an error of judgement, similar to the one that had led to the initial failed assassination attempt against psychoanalysis. Contempt always takes a heavy toll. Wasn’t it in order to avoid its unpleasant consequences that Lacan asked of the analysts of his School never to cease reading their colleagues with a critical eye?

 The real in the courtroom. Yesterday’s judicial hearing took me thirty years back, when Lacan’s students had decided to eject him from his School. Today, the same intention aims at ejecting him from his teaching. The argument of insulting his physical and ethical integrity comes forth to justify this treachery. Lacan understood that when he was alive, some of us remember it. His reply was very clear: dissolution of the EFP in order to separate from those who rejected his teaching and immediately reestablish a School with those who consented to taking it seriously and bear the consequences.

Hadn’t Freud’s teaching faced the same attacks, by the same erratic arguments about him? During the 1920s, the scale of his teaching on jouissance – the death drive – was rejected with the motif that he was sad since the death of his daughter. Ever since Freud attempted to approach the real, his students, who didn’t want to know anything about it within the IPA, attacked him personally. However, that doesn’t stop the real from existing.

The hold-up in Lacan’s teaching. When we are faced with the same arguments today, doesn’t this mean that the hold-up on Lacan’s teaching, which failed thirty years ago, starts all over again? Isn’t this what is revealed by the accusation of the alleged “seizure”, his body became the object of at the time of the funeral? If psychoanalysis doesn’t let itself be assassinated, why shouldn’t we attempt a hold-up?

The research on the real cost Lacan his rejection from the international association founded by Freud to give shelter to the analytic discourse. Lacan interpreted that rejection as an excommunication, having concluded that the structure of the IPA was that of a Church. This allowed him to reformulate a certain number of fundamental concepts of psychoanalysis freed from the domination of the Name-of-the-Father.

Desire in action. The coalition of hate, which Lacan called “PIPAAD”, Professional Insurance Plan Against the Analytic Discourse, comes in a different cloak today: they are declared anti-Lacanians or vicious and malicious Lacanoids, yet always in the service of hate of the real. Those who dress in those rags attempt to vampirise Lacan to suck all life from his teaching, all subversion from this unheard of and unparalleled discourse.

Isn’t it time we started the fight in a methodical way and without qualms, since what is at stake is the survival of the analytic discourse? We have but one decisive desire to crush the Vile and make those who swear to wreck the analytic discourse to retreat. We may be few. But we can also realize that it is the compactness of this desire that makes us stronger. We decided to serve that discourse because we felt that it liberates us from our chains. The enemies of the analytic discourse fight it because they prefer to remain bound in their chains. This discourse is intolerable to them, because it renders each one responsible for their acts, without recourse to any unconscious corner to shirk it. They prefer being enslaved or inventing new chains. The real means that there is a limit where words fail. What is left in order to make what we desire known, are our acts.


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