at the initiative of the Psychoanalytic Institute of the Child

(Jacques Lacan Popular University)

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The associations,

the professionals  involved, in various capacities, in the  reception, care and support of autistic children,

the parents whose children are received in medical or social-medical facilities,

the concerned citizens, french or not, all signatories of this petition:

–       demand that psychoanalysis, its research and practitioners cease to be defamed by allegations made to discredit them;

–       hope that the governments take into account the legitimate concern of families without however neglecting the work that for decades has been carried out by professional teams working with autistic children and adults in the areas of psychiatry, private practices and social-medical institutions. This work also benefits, in many cases, the practitioners’ psychoanalytic formation;

–       wish that the anxiety of families is not exploited to designate scapegoats, nor to denigrate professionals who are committed to promoting institutions and practises which ensure that the child and his or her family will be respected in their own subjective time;

–       consider that in France, the national representation will, in its wisdom,  avoid ruling on a public health problem which, far from being neglected, has for a long time been taken into consideration;

–       are calling for the establishment of a plan capable of ensuring the human and structural resources needed for the continuation of care and educational support that the unique situation of each child and adult suffering from autism requires.


1 – Prof François Ansermet, Professor of child and adolescent psychiatry at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva, Chief of the child and adolescent Psychiatry Service at the University Hospitals of Geneva, Director of the University Department of Psychiatry;

2 – Prof Guy Briole, former chief of the Psychiatry Service at the Val-de-Grâce Hospital, President of the Association of Research associates at the Val-de-Grâce School

3 – Prof Jean-Claude Maleval, Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Rennes 2;

4 – Prof Laurent Ottavi, Professor of Clinical Psychopathology, Director of the university Multi-site research Laboratory «Psychopathology, new symptoms and social bond», EA 40504;

5 – Dr Yves-Claude Stavy, Chief of service, Chief of division of  child and adolescent Psychiatry at the EPS in Ville-Evrard;

6- Dr Jean-Daniel Matet, psychiatrist, honorary hospital practitioner, President of the School of the Freudian Cause;

7 – Mr Leonardo GOROSTIZA, President of the WAP (World Association of Psychoanalysis)

8 – Mr Éric Laurent, former President of the WAP;

9 – Dr Alexandre Stevens, psychiatrist, therapeutic Director of Courtil, Tournai (Belgium), lecturer at the Continuing Formation at the University of Brussels;

10 – Dr Fabien GRASSER, psychiatrist of Hospitals, practitioner responsible for the Clinical Unit Jacques Lacan, Psychiatry sector 91 G 11;

11 – Dr Armand ZALOSZYC, psychiatrist, former intern at the Psychiatric Hospitals of Alsace, practitioner attached to the University Hospitals of Strasbourg, Medical coordinator of sinthesis at the Medical-Psycho-pedagogic Centre of Strasbourg.

12 – Dr Agnès AFLALO, medical chief at the CMP Croix-Rouge ;

13 – Dr François LEGUIL, psychiatrist, former hospital practitioner at Sainte-Anne’s Hospital (Paris), formerly attached to the Paris Hospitals, member of Psychiatric Evolution;

14 – Dr Luis SOLANO, former practitioner at Sainte-Anne, Medical coordinator of the  Pole of the ITEP  (94000 and 77000) at the UGECAMIF;

15 – Dr Jean-Robert Rabanel, psychiatrist, therapeutic responsible at CTR Nonette;

16- Mrs Cynthia Fleury, writer and philosopher;

17 – Mrs Blandine Kriegel, philosopher;

18 – Mr Alexandre Adler, essayist, editorialist of the Figaro;

19 – Mrs Fabienne Servan-Schreiber, producer;

20 – Mrs Judith Miller, President of the Association of the Foundation of the Freudian Field;

21 – Dr Daniel Roy, psychiatrist, practitioner attached to CH of Cadillac – CMP in Bordeaux;

The first 3 signing institutions

 1 – Psychoanalytic Institute of the Child

2 – School of the Freudian Cause

3 – Association of Freudian Psychologists


Translation by Florencia Fernandez Coria Shanahan


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